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What is Holistic.School

Holistic.School is an online learning platform for KG to Class 12. It helps students to “self learn” at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. Our online courses are based on self-learning and are very easy to understand.

Apart from Online Courses ( Maths + Science + Coding + Other Practical subjects ), students also get Monthly Activity BoxesMonthly Sc Magazine, Access to our Knowledge Webinars, Participation in Contests Events.

All this in just one Membership Plan.

Why Self-Learn

Self-Learning is the most important skill in the 21st century. We don’t want students to depend on teacher/ private tuitions/live online classes.

Self-learners develop strong problem-solving skills.

It's a stress-free learning process.

Learning is now led by curiosity, not by instruction.

They gain a better understanding of what they are best at and what they need to work harder on.

Preview Videos: Coding

Learn how to code

Getting Started with our Coding Course

Learn about object and their functioning

Preview Videos : Maths

Learn Permutation and Combination by counting

Learn the concept of Matrices in 90 seconds

Logarithms & Exponents: Basic

Preview Videos : Science

Physics Propagation of Sound

Biology- Introduction to Reproduction in Plants

Chemistry- Introduction to Synthetic Fibres

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, see our support center.

It's not a real school. It's an “assistance” school. We offer all courses (CBSE+ Additional Practical Courses) in easy to understand video format.

We do not provide any “Accreditation”. Students need to get accredited through their local government education systems.
It is best suited for regular schoolers who need assistance in learning. With this, your child need not go to any private tuitions or classes for their learnings. 

 It's also best suited for home-schoolers. They get comprehensive video content in one place, engage with other students through Contest and Community.
1. Your child gets into the habit of “self-learning”. 
2. Apart from regular CBSE courses, we also offer additional practical courses. Your child can choose courses based on his/her interests.
3. We regularly conduct national-level contests on various skills. Your child can participate and show up his/her skills. Contests motivate students to come up and prove themselves.
4. We offer a dedicated community of students. Your child can involve in meaningful discussions with other students and exchange their views/perspectives.
5. All this based on the child's own interests and pace. We ensure there is no stress on the child to learn “quickly”. Everything at their own sweet pace
We want the child to self-learn at their own pace and interests. We do not bother about the marks. We request parents also not to bother about marks.
You should have a standard laptop with a webcam, speaker, and mic. Also, you need to have a  minimum of 30 Mbps broadband speed.
In Fact, it's best suited for them. You can learn many things at your own pace, participate in social contests and community. So you remain connected and engaged with peer students across the country.